General Terms and Condition

  1. By using the real estate offer contained in this informational brochure, the recipient accepts the following general contract conditions. This refers, among other things, to contacting Castellanum Garda Immobili s.r.l. or the property owner.
  2. All documents and information have a purely informative purpose and do not constitute a binding offer. We decline any responsibility for any inaccuracies, omissions, and lack of timeliness of the information reported in our advertising material, as they are based on statements from the property owner. Projects and dimensions of properties may undergo changes due to administrative regulations, and it will be the clients’ responsibility to verify their conformity. Right to make any changes is reserved. Information regarding the property’s location does not guarantee its actual or future value.
  3. Communicating the property’s location implies that commission is due in case of a concluded transaction. Unless otherwise agreed, the commission due for each party is 4% plus VAT on the purchase price of sold properties or 10% plus VAT of the net annual rent if the property is a rental.
  4. If the recipient of the offer and the property owner as well as their legal representatives, successors and assigns, conclude a different legal transaction than the one originally envisaged or another transaction, the commissions explained in the previous point are still due.
  5. Castellanum Garda is entitled to a commission even if, as a result of our intermediation, the property initially rented or leased is subsequently purchased. In this case, the commission paid for the rent or lease will be deducted from the commission due for the purchase of the property.
  6. If the property offered by us is already known to the recipient, they are obliged to notify us within five days and provide the relevant proof. In the absence of such notification, our subsequent activity is deemed to be recognized as suitable and instrumental to the conclusion of the contract.
  7. Our communications, information, and documents can be used exclusively by the recipient personally. In the event of forwarding them to third parties and subsequent contract signing by these parties, the original recipient will be considered in default and therefore required to pay the entire commission of the transaction if the contracting parties do not provide for it. It is understood that the commission will accrue with the agreement of the parties.
  8. We are authorised to carry out our activity without limits for both parties interested in the transaction. We assume no responsibility regarding the solvency of the buyer.
  9. The relationships between the parties, including the mediator, are subject to Italian law. The exclusive territorial forum for any disputes is that of Bolzano.

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