For notifications of properties (land, houses, apartments), Castellanum Garda offers, in the event of an exclusive sales mandate being granted by the owner and upon the successful conclusion of the transaction, a reward of 10% on the commission earned up to a maximum amount of € 5,000. The payment will be made net of tax withholdings.

The requisites for the payment of the reward are:

  • The property owner has given prior consent to being contacted by us;
  • Castellanum Garda is not already aware of the intention to sell the property in question;
  • Castellanum Garda obtains an exclusive mediation mandate, and the property is not already in the portfolio of another real estate agency;
  • Following the notification, Castellanum Garda has brought the parties to the conclusion of the transaction and has actually received the related commission

Castellanum Garda Real Estate reserves the right to decline the received referrals and to modify the aforementioned conditions for the reward. In case of multiple referrals for the same property, only the author of the first report will be entitled to the reward. The reward cannot be obtained by the owners of the reported property and close family members.